Greater Chicago Land Area Community Butler Special Packages

All packages can customized to fit your needs.

Puppy Package

Need someone to watch your dog for the weekend or while on a vacation? Do you want to talk a break and let us walk your dog for you? Let us know your needs and we will create a custom package to fit you and your dog.

Babysitting Package

Whether you want a night out or frequent child care, we have you covered! Together we can create a custom package to fit all your families needs!

Tutoring Package

Does your child need a little extra boost? Look no further, we offer in-person and online tutoring from the top students at Barrington High School to help your child succeed! 

Cleaning Package

No one loves to clean, so let us take this task off your list! Work with us to create a custom cleaning schedule that works for you!

Party Package

It's party time! From party planning to clean up we can put your party stress to rest. Let us know all your party needs and we will create the party of your dreams!

Vizsla Dogs
Kids Running
Outdoors Tutoring
Cleaning Sink